Day 6

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Today we had breakfast, and set off for Jaffa (or Joppa). Jaffa is actually part of Tel Aviv now, instead of vice versa.  Joppa used to be an important town, but isn’t any more.  Local fishing is still done from … Read More

Two words that slow the pace

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With a few exceptions the words of and the are not needed.  The trick is to take an adjectival or possessive approach to nouns. Consider this: The manager of the bank is: The bank manager. Or The president of the … Read More

Day 5

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Today we had a leisurely breakfast, and set off for the Diaspora Museum. Today is our free day, but the whole group decided to go to the museum together, as we are a Church group, and wanted to remain together.  … Read More

What makes a good editor?

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No item escapes the eye of the skilled editor.  He or she will hone in on a misplaced comma, a split infinitive, a misused word or an error of fact.  This skilled editor pays ruthless attention to detail. Such attention … Read More

Day 3

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Today our destination was going to be the Sea of Galilee! We all looked anxiously out of the window, and to our relief, saw that it was a fine day, which meant that the fishermen would take us out. We … Read More

The golden rules…

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The golden rules for professional writing and editing These 12 golden rules are your first step towards becoming a skilled editor.  They are your key to success! Write and edit to express, not to impress. Always write/edit so everything can … Read More

Day 2

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After we had had breakfast, we left Natanya, and set off for Caesarea.  On the way, Bernice told us some interesting facts about Caesarea.  She said that Herod the Great was actually a half-Jew, whose father had helped the Romans … Read More

A diary of a visit to the Holy Land

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Although this tour to the Holy Land of Israel was taken a long time ago, it still stands out to me as one of the most memorable visits that I have ever made, and I want to share it with … Read More

To edit, or not to edit?

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Lean and clean Skilled writing and editing is about getting the message across clearly and accurately.  Whether you are writing a feature article, newsletter, staff bulletin, business proposal, press release, or brochure, the moment it becomes a long- winded and … Read More

Copy-editing vs Proofreading

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Both proofreading and copyediting services involve close and cautious reading of a document. Proofreading and copyediting are often assumed to be the same; but, they are not. Contrary to popular belief, a copyeditor is not a glorified spell checker. The copyeditor is your partner … Read More