Carol Davies

Well-travelled editors are not uncommon, but Carol adds depth and understanding to editing in several ways.  Carol was not merely a tourist in the many countries that she has visited in Europe, the Middle East, Britain, North America, Australia, and Africa – she lived and interacted with folk in Germany, England and Australia, and has slept in an African village.  She has shared accommodation with adults from more than thirty different countries, while making use of her TEFL qualifications to teach folk English.  In the process she became empathetic and sensitive, drawing on her own Christian convictions and formal studies, to the cultural and moral needs of others.  Carol brings real understanding to the material she edits, bringing far more than an exacting style, grammar and punctuation.

Carol was born in a small town in the East Rand of South Africa, and now resides in Pretoria.  She has an Honours degree in Psychology and a teacher’s qualification from Pretoria University.  She also has a Human Resources qualification, as well as a qualification from the Health Professions Council of South Africa, and it is an accredited Psychometrist, qualified to guide folk in career choices, in line with their personality profile, skills and abilities.  Finally, she has completed several counselling courses, which often allows her to see beyond the service facts and figures of a situation.

Currently she is working for Gosra International, and doing all their editing, and sound studio work.

  • Written by Enid v