Day 5

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Today we had a leisurely breakfast, and set off for the Diaspora Museum. Today is our free day, but the whole group decided to go to the museum together, as we are a Church group, and wanted to remain together.  We took many taxis to get to the museum, as there were 27 people.

The Diaspora Museum is in the grounds of the University in Tel Aviv. We looked at the various inscriptions and artifacts, telling the story of the Jews. I felt sad to see how much they have already been through; many of them not hearing the good news of Christ. I thought of Jesus in the Bible, when he wept for Jerusalem. They are the original select group that God singled out as His own people. We Christians have been grafted onto the tree of life. The Jews are the original stump.

The students at the University can read Hebrew, and we saw the original manuscript, of the Dead Sea Scrolls, in Hebrew. It was encased in thick glass. It must be awe inspiring to actually be able to read that!

We then decided to go to a Street Market in Tel Aviv. In order to get to the market, we had to take a bus, as it was too far to walk. All the fruit looked amazing! The strawberries were so big! After we had been at the market for a very short period of time, it started raining really hard; I got sopping wet! I decided rather to go back to the Hotel, have a lovely hot shower, and to exchange more Rands into Shekels.

It was a lovely restful day!