A diary of a visit to the Holy Land

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Although this tour to the Holy Land of Israel was taken a long time ago, it still stands out to me as one of the most memorable visits that I have ever made, and I want to share it with whoever will read it!

Day 1

I awoke, and then remembered – today we’re going to Israel!  After getting our last few things together, we left for the Airport.  There, we met the other members of our tour group, and went to weigh in our luggage.  After that, we said ‘goodbye’ to those people not actually going on the tour, and went into the duty-free area, which only allows ticket-holders access.  We decided to have some refreshment, and he went to a restaurant called ‘the courtyard’.

We were due to leave for Israel at 12:15, but only left ay 13h00 due to delays.  We arrived at Ben Gurion Airport at 21h30, there to meet our guide – a South African lady who emigrated to Jerusalem.  Her name is Bernice.

We checked in at the Orley hotel in Natanya for the night.